offers high-quality Italian fashion and accessories for the entire family. The brand has been working with some of the most renowned Italian artisans, designers and craftsmen since 1975, creating timeless garments that feature intricate embroidery, precious fabrics and unique details. The unparalleled quality of our products is achieved by ensuring that each garment is created with special attention to all details.

For over fifteen years, the company has been dedicated to providing customers with the best materials and workmanship possible. Every piece of clothing produced by Finezza is made from carefully selected fabrics and designed with unique details that make it stand out from other brands.

Since 2017 Finezza started cooperating with many online casinos, including The clothing company has been making T-shirts with prints, hats, hoodies and shirts for them. And they allow their players to purchase Finezza clothes of Finezza for loyalty points.

Cooperation of clothing companies with online casinos

The cooperation of both spheres has become increasingly popular in recent years. Clothing companies are leveraging their experience and expertise in the fashion industry to create exclusive designs for players of online casino games. By offering gamers custom-made garments, they can show off their style while playing their favorite online games.

Many online casinos, including Fresh Casino are also partnering with the most famous clothing brands from all over the world. They offer a variety of designs, colors, and fabrics which capture the essence of the casino experience while allowing players to express themselves in a fashionable way.

How fashion clothes exerts influence over game process in online gambling?

Online gambling is becoming an increasingly popular form of entertainment around the world. As more and more people start to participate in online gaming, fashion has become a significant factor that exerts influence over game process. The most obvious example of this influence comes from the clothes that players wear while playing online games. Fashionable clothing can affect a player’s comfort level. Participants of Fresh Casino and the other casinos say that fashionable clothes make them feel confident and comfortable during the game process. It is really pleasant to hear for owners and workers of the companies which produce clothes for them.

What is the future of cooperation between online casinos and clothing companies?

The future of cooperation between both spheres looks very promising. With the rapid growth of these industries, there is potential for collaboration that could benefit all parties involved. By combining their strengths, they would be able to create unique promotional opportunities that engage customers and offer exciting rewards. Clothing companies can provide exclusive discounts and giveaway items to casino customers. This is already stated by Fresh Casino and many other online casinos. Anyway, the cooperation of both spheres will lead to excellent results.